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Cul­tu­ral walks along the Berg­strasse

  • Ceme­tery and city tours
  • Cul­tu­ral history & per­so­na­li­ties
  • Nort­hern Hes­sian moun­tain road
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Cul­tu­ral walks along the Berg­strasse

  • Ceme­tery and city tours
  • Cul­tu­ral history & per­so­na­li­ties
  • Nort­hern Hes­sian moun­tain road

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The moun­tain road!

There is a magic in the word

who cap­tures ever­yone to whom it sounds.

Cultural tours Bergstrasse

With the cul­tu­ral walks along the Berg­straße, I would like to bring you clo­ser to the Berg­straße with its diverse natu­ral and cul­tu­ral land­s­cape that has grown over the cen­tu­ries, as well as the Unesco diver­sity of the region, using the example of the intan­gi­ble cul­tu­ral heri­tage in Ger­many - ceme­tery cul­ture or mid­wi­fery.

With an eye for the spe­cial and a love of detail, sci­en­ti­fi­cally based, detached from the stan­dard pro­gram, you can explore the sights along the Hes­sian Berg­strasse with me and get to know the his­to­ric people of the Berg­strasse.

I rese­arch for you in archi­ves, libra­ries, esta­tes, ... and am always loo­king for the icing on the cake.

For those who don’t know the Berg­strasse:

The old Roman army and trade route mean­ders leisu­rely along the Oden­wald slope in a sce­nic and quiet loca­tion. Medi­eval towns, tran­quil com­mu­nities and the two uni­ver­sity towns - Hei­del­berg and Darm­stadt - cha­rac­te­rize the region. Cast­les are lined up on the hill­tops, from which you have a magni­ficent view of the Rhine plain, among other things. Thanks to the mild cli­mate, the almond and fruit trees along the Berg­strasse blossom early in the year. Germany’s smal­lest wine-​growing region is also loca­ted on the Hes­sian Berg­straße, which boasts nume­rous grape varie­ties.

Here, in the Bergstraße-​Odenwald Geo-​Nature Park, people like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Rhine-​Main and Rhine-​Neckar area.

With my gui­ded tours you will (re) dis­co­ver the nort­hern moun­tain road - Alsbach-​Hähnlein, Darm­stadt and Zwin­gen­berg.

Your Nicole Ries­kamp

An over­view of my cul­tu­ral walks

Darm­stadt -


details ...

Jewish cemetery tour Alsbach-Haehnlein

Alsbach-​Hähnlein -
Jewish Ceme­tery: Sights at a glance

There is a spe­cial cul­tu­ral monu­ment in Als­bach: the lar­gest Jewish Ortho­dox coun­try ceme­tery in Hesse. The cul­ture walks see them­sel­ves as a bridge bet­ween Jewish and Chris­tian burial cul­ture in order to achieve a bet­ter under­stan­ding and tog­e­ther­ness. In addi­tion to the history of the ceme­tery, design fea­tures of the ceme­tery and tombs (sym­bols, inscrip­ti­ons) are exp­lai­ned on all tours.

This 405 year old asso­cia­tion ceme­tery was the burial place for 32 sur­roun­ding cities and com­mu­nities. The history of the region and its coexis­tence can be traced just as well as indi­vi­dual life sto­ries of the 2100 tomb­stones that still exist today.

details ...

Alsbacher Brunnen

Als­bach-Hähn­lein: In the change of time

We explore the cen­ter of the for­mer far­ming and craftsmen’s vil­lage that deve­lo­ped into a sana­to­rium and tou­rism loca­tion around 130 years ago. How did vil­lage life change? Who lived and worked here? Meet the pain­ter Luise Kumpa, Jewish memo­ri­als and the works of the sculp­tors Gott­helf Schlot­ter and Otto Her­bert Hajek. Which fes­ti­vals do the people of Als­bach still like to cele­brate? Where did you go to school, shop and much more?

 details ...

alsbach Bolch

Als­bach-Hähn­lein - 

Vil­las in the for­mer sana­to­rium quar­ter

Als­bach estab­lis­hed its­elf as a popu­lar place to live and relax from the 1870s. The archi­tect Hein­rich Met­zen­dorf desi­gned the resi­den­tial area around the Kur­haus „Schloss­berg“ of Dr. Rudolf Lau­den­hei­mer signi­fi­cantly with. Well-​known pati­ents and visi­tors to the sana­to­rium - such as Fanny Countess of Revent­low, Hanna and Karl Wolfs­kehl or Hed­wig and Alfred Kubin - talk about their stay. Musi­ci­ans and the sculp­tor Benno Elkan lived in the neigh­bo­ring vil­las and coun­try houses.

details ...

Impres­si­ons of my gui­ded tours

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